Pineapple Greeting Card

pineapple card

For years I have been making my own homemade cards for all sorts of occasions. It started when I was young with birthday cards I’d make for my family (usually because I forgot to buy one), but then I realized I liked making cards so it sort of became my thing. I have made cards for birthdays, graduations, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Bridal showers, Christmas, and any other event you can think of where a card might be given.

Today I made this cute pineapple card to send to my sister who is working at camp for the summer. I thought it was the perfect summer greeting card with the bright colors and fun pattern that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day! Here are step by step instructions to make this cute card.

1.) Start with a plain piece of white card stock and fold it in half length wise (hamburger style versus hot dog style for anyone who knows that reference). Then trim a few inches off the bottom to make it the size and shape you want. If you are planning to mail it, trim it to fit the envelope size you are planning to use. IMG_2150

2.)Next take a piece of plain printer paper and sketch a pineapple on it. If you are worried about free handing it, find a picture online you can print out and trace. Once you are happy with the shape of your pineapple cut it out. IMG_2154

3.) Once you’ve cut out your pineapple, grab some various colored paper and cut out triangles that are as close to equilateral as possible. The best way to do this is cut one a little larger than you want and keep trimming it down until it is the perfect size. Use that one as a stencil for the rest of the triangles so they are all the same shape and size. IMG_2161

4.) Once you have about 2 dozen triangles cut out, start laying them out on the pineapple starting with a hexagon shape in the middle and working out from there. Glue each piece down once you figure out the color pattern you want to use. (Rubber Cement is the best glue for any sort of paper project, but if you are out of it like I was a regular glue stick will work fine as well.)IMG_2166

5.) Keep glueing the triangles to the pineapple so that they go past the edges on all sides. IMG_2169Once the pineapple is fully covered flip it over and trim off the excess paper around the edges, following the outline of the white paper.IMG_2173

6.) Finally take the pineapple and glue it onto the white card stock that was folded and cut in step 1. From here you could personalize it with a message on the front, a decorative boarder, or just leave it as is. Then write a message inside and send it to a friend to brighten up their day!IMG_2177


I hope this was a helpful tutorial for a simple summer greeting card. Let me know if there are other types of cards you would like to see on the blog!

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