Fall is one of my favorite times of year. When the air changes and the leaves turn stunning shades of red and orange and yellow and they mix with the always-constant evergreens to produce one of the most beautiful sites in the world. Those days when the sun is still hot but the air is cool and crisp and there is just a slight breeze to rustle the leaves and blow hair in your face. Those days that just feel like soccer and fresh apples and carrying backpacks.

Fall means deep blue skies and bright, slanted sun and sweet smelling hay. Fall means back to school shopping and new sweaters and schoolbooks. Fall means lying on the quad on the fresh, cool grass watching soccer games with good friends. Fall means country fairs and fried food. Fall means hot apple cider and apple cider donuts and hay rides. Fall means leaves turning and changing and falling. Fall means warm days and cool nights, hot drinks and snuggly blankets. Fall means forcing your brain to work again. Fall means enjoying the company of those you love. Fall means a new chapter in life.

Fall is like an apple picked right from the tree – crisp and sweet and juicy. There is nothing that can compare to this amazing season and all it has to offer: all the joys and changes and new beginnings. I don’t know what fall is like in other places, but I guarantee it doesn’t compare to fall in New England, because honestly, nothing can.


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