A new Blogging Beginning

So when I began this blog I had every intention of doing only vlogs. I wanted to document my travels with videos so that everyone could follow along and actually feel like they were experiencing the trip with me. It turns out that this may have been a slightly ambitious goal. While I have managed to make some vlogs and upload them, I have not had the time or opportunity to make very many, and the ones I have done have been less than satisfactory. It has been a struggle for me to share my travel adventures solely by means of video for several reasons:

1.) Many of the interesting and exciting experiences I have had while traveling were not things I could film with my camera.
2.) I am still not very good at making vlogs. This is partly due to the fact that I am a little shy about walking around everywhere holding up a camera, partly because I have been unable to master the skill of talking directly to a camera without being awkward, and also because there have been many times I’ve had to choose between enjoying a real life moment and witnessing it only through a screen in order to get good footage.
3.) The vlogging camera I currently have does not take good videos. The colors are almost always off, the sound is distorted, and footage is always shaky no matter how steady I am.

All of these factors have played into the fact that this blog currently contains only a small, disappointing collection of less than average vlogs about nothing terribly exciting. So I am going to fix that problem. Starting now, I am going to actually work to make this an interesting blog with a collection of stories, photos, and videos to highlight the best parts of my trips. I am looking into getting a new vlogging camera before I go to England so I can hopefully produce some better videos, but in the meantime I am going to work with what I have and try to start blogging more regularly.

So here goes my best attempt at making this a more exciting travel blog. Be prepared for some crazy awesome new posts coming soon (or at least some relatively interesting and hopefully enjoyable ones).